Bentley News


Effortless performance and comfort over long distances have long been hallmarks of Bentley, which is now building on this reputation with a new family available across all five model lines. The new Azure range will provide Bentley customers with a curated selection of features designed to enhance the wellbeing and comfort of the vehicle’s occupants, making every journey a relaxing experience regardless of distance. The new range will be a permanent offering across the full Bentley model line-up. Azure is more than a specification; it includes tactile and visual cues designed to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, along with driver assistance technologies for smoother, safer journeys. Where the Bentley Speed family takes the ultimate in performance as its prime focus, a Bentley Azure will accentuate the other facet of a Bentley’s character; the ability to traverse long distances swiftly and smoothly, leaving driver and passengers to alight at journey’s end feeling refreshed, alert and ready to resume their busy lives.


Prepare for the quintessential luxury SUV experience, combining the legroom of a limousine with the elevated ride height of an SUV. The Bentayga EWB offers the perfect balance of unparalleled comfort and effortless performance. A subtle extension of 180mm delivers a radical increase in rear legroom, transforming the experience of travelling in a road vehicle.